Stansfield Then

“My university experience has been a mix of both  positive and challenging times. I had first-time nerves when I first arrived,  just like many of my students. Making friends was hard for me as I’m  generally a shy and quiet person, but during the orientation sessions for  foundation students, I discovered just how easy it was getting to know other  students and my lecturers. It made me feel right at home and more comfortable  about continuing my studies here.

“Joining clubs and taking part in student activities  became the highlights of my uni life, but the Curtin Bowling Club impacted me  the most. During my foundation year, I joined the club as a committee member  and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Over the years, I have  met a lot of friendly and supportive people through the club. We organised a  lot of events together, the most successful and memorable one being the  Curtin Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor’s Cup bowling competition in 2018. Over 50  groups of bowling enthusiasts joined, including state players.

“Even though I joined a lot of extra-curricular  activities, I managed to balance my studies and leisure time, and I have  successfully made it to my third year in chemical engineering. There have  been endless late nights struggling with my studies throughout these four  years, but I believe that all the hard work and effort I’ve put in will  really pay off one day.” Stansfield Then, Chemical Engineering  student

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