Saad Qureshi

“During  my A-Levels, the whole university application process was quite daunting, as I’m  sure it is for many students. Choosing Curtin Malaysia for my bachelor’s  degree and stepping foot in Malaysia, a country whose language, culture and  customs I was unfamiliar with, was also nerve-racking.

“But  now that I’m in my final year, I can look back and realise how fortunate I  have been to have made friends from different countries and backgrounds with  whom I shared amazing experiences and learned from. They made my university  life memorable and helped me face many challenges.

“University  is not just about attending classes and studying, it’s also about getting out  of your comfort zone and joining new activities. I took part in so many  events and joined student bodies like the International Students Association  and Borneo Model United Nations. It made my time at Curtin Malaysia so much more  exciting and through them I picked up valuable event organising, public  speaking, teamwork and leadership skills.

“Perhaps  the most memorable and transformative experience was when the university  selected and sponsored me to attend the University Scholars Leadership  Symposium or USLS held at the United Nations Conference Center in Bangkok. University  students from all parts of the world participated and it featured accomplished  speakers from academia, non-governmental organizations and the United Nations.

“I can’t  say I have figured out everything about my future but I’m pretty sure these  experiences have better prepared me for it.” –Saad Qureshi, Electrical  & Electronics Engineering student

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