Lee Chao Ming

“Choosing to study at Curtin Malaysia was probably the best decision of my life and the experience so far has been extraordinary.

“I really appreciate how friendly the lecturers and staff are to students. They always have our best interests in mind, even going out of their way to support students when classes were all online. It was good knowing I could rely on the lecturers and staff whenever I had any questions or needed help.

“Curtin Malaysia is like a second home to me because of all the friends I’ve made, especially my housemates. We make sure we have a comfortable and conducive home environment to study and enjoy our leisure time together.

“The experience I’ve had as student, whether living on campus or studying online in my home because of the pandemic, has been memorable and I’m sure I will look back on it with very fond memories in the future. For now, I’m looking forward to the day I graduate together with all my friends.” –Lee Chao Ming, Mechanical Engineering student

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