Esther Sia Jia Huan

“Hi, I’m Esther Sia Jia Huan, a third-year Chemical Engineering student at Curtin Malaysia.

Why did I choose Curtin Malaysia? I was drawn to Curtin Malaysia because of its reputation for academic excellence and innovation, and I knew I would be able to experience world-class education and student experience here. Furthermore, the Chemical Engineering course at Curtin Malaysia is world-ranked and accredited by national and international professional bodies.

It has been a very fulfilling journey so far. In my third year, I was elected president of the Curtin Malaysia IChemE Student Chapter. This invaluable experience has allowed me to enhance my leadership, communication, problem-solving and decision-making skills. Most importantly, it gave me more networking opportunities with peers, lecturers and industrial professionals.

Besides that, I am honoured to have been given the opportunity to be a research assistant on the ‘Carbon Management via Process Integration’ research project. I really appreciate the supervision, guidance and motivation given by my lecturers in this research endeavour. The experience is truly enriching and rewarding in terms of my personal and academic development.

Overall, I am grateful for having friendly and supportive lecturers and friends in Curtin Malaysia that have made my university journey truly remarkable.” – Esther Sia Jia Huan, Chemical Engineering student

9 June 2024