Danial Sharudin

“As I’m from Miri, Curtin Malaysia was the most obvious and convenient choice for pursuing my further studies. Even though it’s in my hometown, it is very much an international campus providing a global education at par with Curtin in Australia. After all, it’s the same university, just a different campus.

“I really cherished my time there, and the people I met throughout my university journey. Throughout my foundation and undergraduate years, interacting with a great diversity of individuals from all over the world was a phenomenal experience. I made so many lifelong friends and acquaintances.

“Being one of those ‘study hard and get good grades’ students, I found myself missing out on campus life, especially the events and club activities. So, when I was in my final year, I decided I wanted to get more involved, but alas, COVID-19 struck and we were all stuck at home and learning online.

“But I didn’t let that stop me from making an impact before graduating. Hence, I had the grand idea to organise the first-ever Student Exchange Festival involving four universities in different parts of Asia. It wasn’t that big an event as it was held virtually, but it was an opportunity to showcase our university to the world. I wanted to show that our campus was quite a dynamic one with a diversity of students from all over the world. Seeing the event come to fruition, with the support and participation of amazing students from all the universities, was simply fantastic.

“Thanks to everyone who made my university experience an amazing one! For those new to the university, I urge you to cherish university life and all the people you meet along the way. You won’t get the opportunity again.” –Danial Sharudin, Mechanical Engineering graduate

18 December 2021

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