Catherine Jok Wan

“I like to surround myself with music as I find it very therapeutic. Research has proven that music can improve human physical performance, and I listen to music when I’m at work, whenever I’m driving, working out or doing house chores. I always feel at ease when there’s music playing in the background. I also love food, just like any other Malaysian. I like trying the food of other cultures and I would often try making them my myself. There’s nothing like a good home-cooked meal.

“But my biggest passion is my work as it’s where I can really challenge myself and demonstrate my capabilities. Much of my career has been in student career development. It was only recently that I moved into a new role in marketing and communications. My previous role as Career & Alumni Services Officer gave me great satisfaction helping students with career progression opportunities and seeing them start their careers in various professions.

“My current role as a Marketing & Communications Officer is quite different but I’m always up to a challenge and keen to learn new things. I see it as an opportunity to grow, broaden my career prospects, get more experience, and explore new skills and knowledge. The role involves handling all the administrative matters of the department, and as career and alumni services are currently administered by the department, I’ve assumed some of my old responsibilities in the interim. Juggling multiple roles can be tough but it’s taught me to be more resilient and more adaptive towards change.

“For me, there is no better place to work at than Curtin Malaysia, no matter what your role is. It’s a very forward-looking, dynamic and inclusive organisation where everyone can make a positive contribution and be proud of their achievements.” Catherine Jok Wan, Marketing & Communications Officer

13th November 2021

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