Amber Kong Jianin

“Hi, I’m Amber Kong Jianin, an Electrical and Electronic Engineering student at Curtin Malaysia. I joined Curtin Malaysia in the middle of 2022 and my classes so far have been quite fun and enjoyable. My lecturers are always willing to help when I am struggling with my work, and their classes are always entertaining.

Last year , I joined the IEEE Curtin Malaysia Student Branch as Head of Community Outreach. Due to my lack of exposure to English in secondary school, my English communication skill was initially quite weak. However, through various student branch events and training sessions, I’ve been able to improve my communication and social skills quite considerably.

Our team visited secondary schools across the northern region of Sarawak, including Miri, Bintulu and Limbang. We were also responsible for overseeing activities like the Young Innovators Challenge, Science Challenge, and Tech Master Challenge at the big annual STEM Playground event. Despite feeling exhausted, we were happy the events went smoothly.

In December 2023, I participated in the IEEE Region 10 Robotics Competition in Thailand. Though the technical and software aspects were completely new to me, I was lucky to have supportive teammates who patiently guided me. Together, we constructed a robot called Wall-IEEE, an autonomous rubbish collector designed to address the issue of overflowing garbage and indiscriminate littering in public parks. Our efforts paid off as we won third place in the competition.” – Amber Kong, Electrical and Electronic Engineering student

19 May 2024