Alicia Tan Xin

“Despite of the distance between my hometown Penang and Miri, I’m still grateful that I chose to study at Curtin Malaysia in 2018. When I first joined, I was pretty much an introvert due to the new environment and very diverse student community, but my experience at Curtin Malaysia has helped me step out from my comfort zone.

“I tried out activities I had never done before like skateboarding. My skateboarding mates taught me a lot of skateboarding skills and we share our ideas, interests and past experiences a lot. Skating around the campus while listening to music is one of the ways I release my stress. If you see me skating around campus, do join me. I won’t mind letting you to use my board.

“In 2019, I was a Curtin Malaysia Student Ambassador. Working with all the marketing officers was a really interesting experience for me. I got to interact with future students and their parents, sharing my student experience at Curtin Malaysia. The marketing officers were very helpful and friendly when training us student ambassadors for engagement during big events like the Curtin Info Day and Graduation Ceremony.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Curtin Malaysia for providing a safe and conducive study environment for students. I like how it provides facilities for the disabled, and a convenient shuttle bus service is provided for those who don’t have their own transport. The university has also managed the COVID-19 pandemic well, shutting down the campus when it got really bad and making sure everyone followed the SOPs. Lecturers and students alike did their best to adapt to online teaching environment. The lecturers were very helpful in their consultation sessions and in getting more study resources for students. So, well done to everyone!” –Alicia Tan Xin, Chemical Engineering student

25 December 2021